Tuesday, July 24, 2018

“The Secret Language of Women” by Nina Romano – Daggers in the Heart of Fate

The Secret Language of Women by Nina Romano (Book cover)
While love isn't something we can ever hope to truly understand, there are wiser folk such as Nina Romano who might be a bit closer to the truth by virtue of their life experience.

In The Secret Language of Women she puts all of it to good use as she kicks off the Wayfarer Trilogy, transporting us to the very end of the 19th century in China.

We are introduced to a Eurasian healer and an Italian sailor whose love for each other is consistently thwarted by the chains of duty and fate amidst the violent Boxer Rebellion.

Friday, July 20, 2018

“The Glass Forest” by Cynthia Swanson – Threnody for a Marriage

The Glass Forest by Cynthia Swanson (Book cover)
Cynthia Swanson has always had an amazing superpower as a writer: the capacity to delve profoundly into the minds of her extremely complex characters and base the story around their unravelling.

In The Glass Forest we are treated to this sort of scenario as we follow a recently-married couple, Paul and Angie, who find themselves having to take care of the husband's seventeen-year-old enigmatic niece after her father commits suicide and her mother vanishes.

As the trio isolate themselves in a modern house on the edge of the woods some uncomfortable secrets begin floating to the surface, forcing Angie to question much of her own existence.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

“A Casualty of War” by Charles Todd - Scars of the Mind

A Casualty of War by Charles Todd (Book cover)
Charles Todd, the pen name by which a mother and son writing team go, have written quite a number of novels revolving around the First World War, and Casualty of War is yet another to add to that last, this time being part of the Bess Crawford Mysteries.

In this one, we follow Bess, a British Army nurse, as she witnesses first-hand the profound and everlasting effects the war has on people through the path walked by a certain Captain Alan Travis who insists his cousin shot him twice.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

“Another Woman's Husband” by Gill Paul – A Tragic Spotlight for Women

Another Woman's Husband by Gill Paul (Book cover)

Gill Paul's Tale of Betrayal and Friendship

Princess Diana is one of the few figures in modern history found fascinating all around the globe. Today, what most people remember about the woman is her tragic ending as well as the controversy surrounding it... even to this day the question hangs in the air as to what really happened in that car crash, and how accidental it was in the first place.