Saturday, November 24, 2018

“The Storyteller's Secret” by Sejal Badani – In the Wake of the Fall

The Storyteller's Secret by Sejal Badani (Book cover)
Sejal Badani has made a veritable splash in the world of literature with a sensational debut out of nowhere, and her second novel titled The Storyteller's Secret carries in the same vein.

It tells the story of Jaya, a New York journalist who, in the wake of her third miscarriage, decides to travel to India and rekindle with her culture.

In the process, she comes to learn about the incredible story of her grandmother through the words of the old family servant, embarking us on a tale of hopeful love and tragic struggle during the British occupation of India.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Interview with Nina Romano – Inexhaustible Inspirations

While there are a few careers where it is possible to learn everything there is to, authorship fall as far from this category as humanly possible.

Virtually every single author, whether they've written a hundred novels or a hundred words, will admit they always have more to learn and new horizons to explore... it's a never-ending journey towards knowledge.

Though Nina Romano definitely doesn't hold all the answers, she has been walking on this path since her early years and possesses a certain aptitude which can only come through time and experience: she understands herself within the context of her work better than most others.

In our interview with her, we discuss her methodology as an author, how she approaches the writing of a book, and the many milestones she has traversed in her literary life.