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“The Joy of Hate” by Greg Gutfeld – How to Fight Stupidity for Dummies

The Joy of Hate by Greg Gutfeld - book cover
Like many of us (I assume), Greg Gutfeld hates stupidity and how it has made our daily lives into a joke, at least the second we take the time to step away and look at ourselves from a distance. Greg believes that all of it stems from our so-called open-mindedness and unconditional tolerance. It’s as if people can be as stupid as they want as long as they do it in a socially-approved way… you can easily live as a racist bigot, as long as you are politically-correct about it.

In The Joy of Hate, Greg Gutfeld makes his case for replacing our open-mindedness with judgemntalism and what he refers to as "smart intolerance". In other words, he is calling for us to rely more on our common sense than anything else when navigating through this world. He goes through numerous examples of what he believes is wrong with this world today. Amongst them are the double-standard towards making fun of Christians and Muslims, the demonization of the Tea Party, how the media is constantly offended by everything, how people against Obama are racists, what’s with slow-moving ceiling fans…etc…etc…

All in all, I have to say I didn't enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would. While at first it comes off as a sarcastic and humorous text, slowly but surely it turns into the endless ramblings of a man who doesn’t like how things work. There are some funny snippets here and there, but in the end I just found myself wishing it would be shorter and more concise.

It felt as if he tried too hard at some point to be hateful in a funny way, and after a while, every gag gets old. If you like Greg Gutfeld or just want to shut your brain off and listen to (relatively) humorous social criticism of an angry man, then I’d wager this book to be to your liking.

Greg Gutfeld (September 12, 1964)

Greg Gutfeld

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Greg Gutfeld is a blogger, magazine editor, humorist, political satirist, television personality, and an author. Though he has made many controversial remarks he still remains a very popular author with The Bible of Unspeakable Truths and The Joy of Hate being some of his more popular ones.

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  1. Gutfield tries so hard to be funny and smart but he just cant do it. Third rate blowhard who'd love to be considered the equal of John Stewart.