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“God’s Grammar” by Mick Mooney – Is Love the Answer?

God’s Grammar by Mick Mooney - book cover
Release date: November 17, 2012
Publisher: Lightview Media
Pages: 188
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First of all, before talking about this book there are a few things I’d like to put out there: I do not believe in the existence of a God, at least not as described in religious texts. I don’t categorically deny it, because after all, the inexistence of God cannot be proven, yet the way I see it, the burden of proof lies in the hands of those who claim he is real, and so far not a single undisputable fact has been presented which points to his existence.

That being said, regardless of whether or not God is real, his alleged teachings deserve some attention, with the main one being that love is what needs to be shared with one another above all. Mick Mooney explores precisely this theme in his latest novel, God’s Grammar.

The novel starts off quite simply, presenting us with the life of Sam, a regular guy, working as a grammar teacher, with regular problems. One day, he comes home to find God sitting in his living room, offering him a lesson. It basically consists of God asking Sam questions, slowly guiding him to the truth and revelation he wants him to see, leading Sam on a journey of soul-searching and self-discovery that will change his life forever.

Unlike some readers, I wouldn't use this novel as a basis for trying to understand how God works (at least I don’t think those who believe should). It is, after all, a story of fiction coming from the mind of a regular human being.

However, what I believe you should do is set aside your beliefs and focus directly on what Sam is learning in his journey; in the end, what he learns on it transcends the existence of a supreme being and focuses on something very real which all of us know yet can’t seem to fully understand: love.

Regardless of what your religious beliefs are, I’m sure you’ll be able to get something out of this book, and if you want to get it, simply head on over to the following link below

Mick Mooney

Mick Mooney

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Mick Mooney is an Australian-born writer who has dabbled on both sides of the fiction line. His work revolves around religion, God's grace, the power of his love and such. He is known for a number of books, including An Outsider's Guide to the Gospel, Snap and God's Grammar.

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