Monday, June 03, 2013

“It’s Time for the Truth!” by Charles E. Hurlburt – Re-Exploring the Ageless Murder

It’s Time for the Truth! by Charles E. Hurlburt - book cover
I have already discussed a number of books which center around the Kennedy assassination, and in my opinion, the best one of the bunch is Crossfire. However, that is not to say there isn’t any information to be obtained from other sources, and the recent released of It’s Time for the Truth by Charles E. Hurlburt (with Laura Shinn designing the cover) has caught my eye. At first, I was just looking at it as a book I could add to my JFK collection, but as I started reading I quickly understood that it turned out to be more than that.

Perhaps taking hints from Crossfire, this book is all about facts and details, containing three hundred and fifty pages which describe the event and the ensuing investigations in as much detail as possible.

However, instead of simply providing an account of what happened, Hurlburt takes a step beyond that and tries to see how the known facts and evidence would point to a conspiracy theory. In other words, this is an attempt to legitimately expose the assassination as a high-profile conspiracy using actual knowledge rather than speculations and jumping to conclusions, and that’s something very few have even come close to accomplishing.

In terms of the quality and quantity of materials, I have to say that the book will be interesting to both complete newcomers as well as long-time students of the case. It looks at a few seldom-discussed points, not to mention that it provides a decent amount of visual material, with some of the pictures being pretty graphic as they depict the assassination as it happens. All in all, though really I recommend the book to everyone, I think it will be an especially captivating read for those who are either skeptical about a conspiracy theory or are still on the fence about it.

Charles Hurlburt

Despite our efforts we still haven’t managed to obtain any information on this author yet and will update his mini-biography as soon as possible. If anyone can provide any help with the matter, it would be greatly appreciated.

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