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“Things That Matter” by Charles Krauthammer – Three Decades of American Life

Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer – Book Cover
Charles Krauthammer is known by many of you as being one of the most reasonable and intelligent political commentators out there. He never tries to blindly preach his ideals without any support, always seeking to reach the truth, even if it does contradict his beliefs. For more than thirty years the man has provided us with unprecedented insights into various facets of American life, and Things That Matter, a book written by Krauthammer himself, is a compilation of the best ones.

In this book, we are provided with countless columns, analyses, quotes and essays published by Krauthammer in the past, dealing with a veritable multitude of topics, from America’s role as a superpower in this world all the way to Halley’s Comet.

As one would expect, though the book does play it kind of safe, providing materials which were already known to be successful, it still remains very entertaining and eye-opening. After all, very few of us can actually remember more than a tiny percentage of what Krauthammer has discussed over the last three decades, and having all of his insights put together in a single book is rather convenient, especially for his fans.

As for the book itself, it is written in a very calm and analytical voice, one which nevertheless feels natural, down-to-earth… basically, human. Some of the remarks he makes here will make you laugh, others will make you sad, and as the reader can expect, it is also filled with the ones that will make you think about your relation to the world around you.

More than that though, I find the book offers a very interesting insight into American life over the past three decades. Through Krauthammer’s commentaries it is very possible to see the changes which have occurred in such a short period of time, helping to capture fleeting decades which none will remember soon.

All in all, Things That Matter is one of the most perfectly solid books out there, being filled to the brim with interesting and thoughtful content that can make you feel and think on numerous levels. I definitely recommend it to Krauthammer’s fans, and anyone willing to read one of the most sensible, intelligent, wise and kind people out there talk about life in America.

Charles Krauthammer (March 13, 1950)

Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer is a Pulitzer-Prize-winning author and syndicated columnist of American origin, who is also known by some as a political commentator and physician. Though he wrote many columns, he has written three books so far, and by far the most popular one is Things That Matter.

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